+ Large surface contact with linen over an angle of 300°
+ Highly polished steel, thin cylinder
+ Emergency button and Main switch in one
+ Finger protection and emergency button for more safety
+ Durable Meta Aramid ironing belts
+ Extra heavy press roller for high-quality ironing
+ Patented direct drive – maintenance-free – system
+ Patented central suction system with maintenance-free operation
+ Automatic cool down
+ Easy to operate microprocessor MCX
+ Frequency controlled motor
+ Indication of ironing speed and temperature
+ Space-saving installation against the wall is possible: front return
+ Exhaust outlet at back of the machine
+ Electric or gas heating
+ Metal fibre premix burner (for Gas only)
+ Ergonomic design
+ Overheating check system (OCS) with 3 temperature sensors
+ Adjustable exhaust flap
+ Exhaust output on the right

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Roll. diameter320 mm
Roller length1664 mm
Electrical heating24 kW
Gas heating24 kW
Roller motor0,18 kW
Fan motor0,095 (50 Hz) / 0,125 (60 Hz)
Capacity62 kg/h
Roller speed1-6 m/min
Electrical connection380-415V 3AC+N 50/60 Hz 208-240V 3AC 50/60 Hz 380-415V 3AC-N 50/60 Hz 440V-480 3AC 60 Hz (1)
Dimensions (H×W×D)1110 × 2084 × 755 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D)1260 × 2190 × 800 mm
Net weight435 kg
Noise level<57 dB (A)
Ingress protectionIP42
Download technical specification