TX9: the compact and efficient industrial tumbler dryer, ideal for small and medium-sized laundry facilities

10. 05. 2022

Innovating with your operations in mind, get ahead in sustainability with an Industrial Tumble Dryer, made in Europe, that consumes 20% less energy.

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Taking the best of our best-selling FX line, the TX9 tumbler dryer has been designed to provide the most compact, efficient, and energy-efficient solution that a small or medium-sized industrial laundry installation can have. You will only need 0.65m2 for installation (even in the Heat Pump version).

The TX9 is a dryer with a lower energy consumption of no more than 1.3kWh and a higher evaporation efficiency of up to 42.11 g/min. In addition, thanks to the technology, the TX9 will have a combined effect of a deeper and wider drum (+32%)*, allowing an improved airflow, which enables a more efficient drying, taking care of the fabrics for a longer time.

With the TX9 dryer you will get*:

– 23% more drying efficiency

– 20% reduction in energy consumption

– 30% faster evaporation

– Heat kW modifiable by kits+ 39% more powerful drive system motor

– Simple and user-friendly controls

*Vs previous generation, Duration of total dry cycle time from (55±1) % initial humidity to (8+1 -0) % with no cooldown time. Test performed in our lab according to ISO9398-2:2003 standard for100% cotton towels, with12Kw.

Discover all technical specifications here>>

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As a result, the new TX9 tumble dryer perfectly matches the FX80 Washer-extractor, in terms of esthetics and dimensions. This attractive duo is the perfect offer for small to medium size laundry installations.