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Professional laundry equipment for every business

Linen management is a complex puzzle, with different demands and needs for each specific business. The road to success, however, has a lot less bumps with the suiting professional laundry systems. At Primus, we mean business. Especially these.


When installing or renewing a hospital laundry service, the right equipment assures hygienic and safe results. From barrier washers to high-quality dryers.


Good hospitality laundry services are an important part of keeping guests happy and satisfied. Primus develops and builds high-quality, energy-efficient machines for facilities of all sizes.

Facility management

While cleaning in larger business locations, washing mops on-site is a big asset. It helps you work fast and thorough. We have the right machines to install and use intensively on-site.



Sport club, wellness resort or another organization with laundry demands? We help you pick out the equipment with the right technical specifications and washing programs.


Primus develops, tests and manufactures machines tailored to complex niches, such as washers and dryers for boats and for fire departments. With innovation as a fixed value.

Commercial laundry

Efficiency is key when you run a commercial laundry business. Primus machines with high capacity and specific wash and dry programs help you reduce on energy and water consumption.

Self-service laundry

With over 60 years of expertise in self-service laundry equipment, Primus has the right laundromat machines to guarantee your customers a great service and an excellent wash.

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