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Washers for professional laundry

Keeping laundry clean in a professional context is not an easy thing. It all starts with the appropriate equipment. With washing machines of all sizes and for specific businesses, Primus  has the right solutions to meet your challenges.

Washers for all purpose

Whatever business you’re in, and no matter how much laundry you have to process, Primus  has the appropriate equipment to do it quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

High spin, shorter drying cycle

Easily put into place, possibly side by side for an optimum use of space, and very efficient in spinning out water: our softmount washing machines.

Performance and efficiency

High-quality washers, securely anchored to a concrete floor, with a heavy frame as a guarantee for durable and efficient operation.

Hygiene is key

Durable washers with a dual-door design, strictly separating dirty and clean laundry, for optimal hygiene.

Industrial comfort

Industrial quality and performance, without the industrial budget – our semi-professional line has countless advantages for your business.

Choose your washer

Our product selector is your fastest way to finding the ideal washing machines for your business. Enter your parameters and we will automatically select some suitable devices.

Our focus on innovation and sustainability

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