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Laundry Technology

Technology to save time, energy and money

At Primus, developing technologies that save water, energy and time is the prime goal of our R&D department. To achieve this, we’ve developed a range of smart technologies and innovative solutions over the past few years. Touch controls and connectivity play a huge role in this process, as does preventive maintenance, which keeps your business running smoothly and avoids the need for major repairs.

Keeping track of your data

Our cloud-based solutions monitor and analyze important data. You have a good overview of the performance of your machines at all times, and you receive any error messages immediately, so you can intervene quickly and avoid downtime.

Save on water, energy, detergent, and wages

Efficiency is key when you’re running a laundry service. Of course, that’s our driving force for developing new technologies. Every improvement is thought out in terms of using less water, energy and detergent – or it’s aimed at saving time and as a direct result, improving your payroll.

User-friendly tools

In addition to saving you time and money, our technologies make our premium machines more user-friendly, in terms of ergonomics, more intuitive control, and preventive maintenance. They help keep your workplace pleasant.

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