Primus 3-year warranty, the best one on the market

12. 05. 2021

For more than 110 years, Primus has produced exceptional laundry equipment, designed to deliver an outstanding wash and dry performance with unmatched lifespan. Primus has brought innovations to optimize laundry professionals’ day-to-day, without compromising on quality and reliability. This is how we have built our reputation of excellence.

Enjoy maximum peace of mind, with the best warranty on the market.

Today, when reliability in the laundry process has never been more important to guarantee impeccable performance and secure constant high levels of hygiene, Primus is proud to grant a three-year warranty on all products*.

The warranty applies to all parts, without exception, for all the equipment produced since Jan 1, 2021, for EMEAI, APAC, and LATAM customers.

That is how all Primus team wants to demonstrate that we are committed to the best quality equipment to build, with our partners and customers, best-in-breed laundries all over the world.

* Warranty valid on all products, except ACL line, I25, I30, and finishing equipment.

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