FS line

FS1000 Touch


+ Freestanding, high spin
+ Stainless steel cabinet
+ Stainless steel drum and tub
+ Xcontrol FLEX Plus – Fully programmable microprocessor
+ Extra large door opening (Ø53 cm)
+ Two large drain valves (Ø 103 mm)
+ Easy access to all parts
+ Standard liquid soap connections
+ Frequency controlled motor
+ PowerWash® perforated lifting ribs: more mechanical action, lower water consumption
+ Air operated water inlet
+ SuperEco washing programmes – significantly reduces water and electricity consumption
+ Patented soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments

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Capacity 100 kg
G-Factor 350
Drum volume 972
Drum diameter 1200 mm
Frequency controlled motor standard
Standard wash speed 33 rpm
Max. spin speed 720 rpm
Stainless steel drum standard
Water inlet 3×1 1/2 inch
Dimensions (H×W×D) 2060x1790x2005 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D) 2345×1865×2125 mm
Net weight 3170 kg
Gross weight 3410 kg
Stainless steel cabinet standard
Steam high pressure heating 3-8 bar
Electrical connection 3x380-480V 50/60Hz 3x208-240V 50/60Hz, 3x 440-480V 50/60Hz
Volume (packed) 9,3 m3
Steam inlet 1 inch
Compressed air inlet Ø 8
Drain 2x103
Download technical specification