IR/IF 50-320

+ Large surface contact with linen over an angle of 3000
+ Finger protection and emergency button for more safety
+ Durable Meta Aramid ironing belts
+ Automatic cool down
+ Easy to operate microprocessor: 20 pre-set ironing programs
+ Indication of ironing speed and temperature
+ Reverse mode possible
+ IR model: front and rear output troughs
+ IF model: front output table
+ Variable setups for folding (IF)
+ IF model: integrated length folder model
+ Frequency controlled motors
+ Easy to remove lint filters
+ Standard anti-static bar
+ Easyfold® system requires less maintenance (no ribbons and rolls)
+ Electric, gas or steam heating

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Roll. diameter500 mm
Roller length3200 mm
Electrical heating65 kW
Gas heating66 kW
Roller motor0,37 kW
Fan motor2×0,18/0,255 kW
Capacity120 kg/h
Roller speed1,5-8 m/min
Electrical connection380-415V 3AC+N 50/60 Hz, 208-240V 3AC 50/60 Hz 380-415V 3AC-N 50/60 Hz, 440V-480 3AC 60 Hz
Dimensions (H×W×D)1568 × 3950 × 1185 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D)1900 × 4100 × 1300 mm
Net weight1680 kg
Gross weight2000 kg
Volume (packed)10,13 m3
Steam heating88 kg/h
Sport arena laundry
Sport arena laundry
City: Liberec
Country: Czech Republic
Commercial laundry
Commercial laundry
Country: Hungary
Download technical specification