Campsite, leisure center and outdoors

Offer vacationers an additional service with low investment on your part.

A free-access laundromat at your campsite or leisure center has so many benefits!

You have specific requirements. Your prime concern is your vacationers’ satisfaction while you remain profitable. A washing area provides another opportunity to reach your goal!

A laundromat will help you stand out from the competition by offering your vacationers a useful service at no cost to you, one that even provides additional income. In addition to offering an additional service with no obligation, for a low cost, vacationers no longer have to worry about dirty laundry piling up, with clean laundry throughout their stay, and more time to enjoy the activities on offer.

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Provision and financing

The machine setup is suitable for campsites or leisure centers that wish to offer an additional service without having to bear the cost of investment or maintenance with guaranteed profitability. The Primus distributor provides equipment and your local distributor will take care of maintaining the machines, sparing you any unpleasant surprises.

The integrated rental solution proposed by the manufacturer from 2 to 7 years, gives you the opportunity to spread your payments, to manage your cash flow, and to track your monthly costs.

Primus is based on 3 core values to meet your expectations: innovation, ergonomics, and ecology.

Your machines are subject to intensive use with different programs, and different detergents for each use, so it’s essential to have tough, professional machines. Primus machines guarantee peace of mind, reliability, a network of distributors and repairers close at hand.

A major benefit for you and your vacationers is the I-Trace application

Thanks to the mobile app developed by Primus, you can monitor your daily turnover, track the status of your machines, make promotional offers outside peak times, as well as many other options.

You can enhance your customers’ comfort: availability of machines, end-of-cycle alert, or even quick and easy payment.

What’s more, you provide your vacationers with an economical, secure service.

All brought together on the smartphone app, the only thing vacationers are glued to during their stay!

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