Early childhood, Nursery

The ideal solution to manage hygiene, eliminate bacteria and simplify laundry care.

Professional to the last

Schools, classrooms and nurseries need to be beyond reproach when it comes to cleaning. Germs, bacteria and viruses can build up on surfaces, clothes and toys.

Your daily life is made up of a series of activities, and cleaning the laundry is just one more necessary action. Imagine if you could spend less time on it, if stubborn stains disappeared, and if your laundry was absolutely clean and hygienic?

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A professional machine means you can be sure of quality equipment, with a much longer life than a domestic machine. With a professional machine, the washing/drying cycle thus is reduced from 5-6 hours to 1.5/2 hours. The volume of items washed is greater (compared to a domestic machine).

Result: Much more laundry washed faster! With no time wasted doing laundry several times a day, you can spend more quality time with your children.

The equipment also features programs tailored to your sector. With a professional machine, your daily washes meet the required level of hygiene, and the time required is drastically reduced.


Primus designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of professional washing machines, designed to meet all the needs of early childhood centers and nurseries.

For your laundry equipment, you can rely on our professionalism when it comes to the hygiene, cleanliness of your laundry! The benefits are numerous:

  • More flexibility: you can wash all diapers, panties, garments, towels, sheets, bibs, blankets, pillows, and leotards…
  • Clean, soft, hygienic laundry every time
  • Low investment
  • Professional equipment: washer-extractor/ dryer, column-based, compact, reliable and easy to use
  • Capacity of 5 to 16 kg per cycle
  • Large drum volume:
  • 3 times more laundry than a domestic machine
  • Economical and ecological > reduced energy consumption, compatible with HEQ approach
  • Faster cycle: 2-3 times faster than a domestic machine 1 pro cycle = 3 domestic cycles.
  • “Secure / guaranteed” investment > tough, reliable equipment
  • Intuitive use
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