Health and Hygiene

The advantages of an integrated laundry in a hospital, a clinic, a laboratory, a clean room or a veterinary clinic.

It is abundantly clear that clean rooms in laboratories and agri-food industries, along with the health sector, require absolute hygiene.

Studies show that laundry is a major factor in the spread of infections by pathogenic germs. 10 to 15% of nosocomial infections are due to a lack of quality in laundry hygiene. You must thus ensure that your laundry meets the highest hygiene criteria to protect the staff and patients of your establishment or the users of your products.

Clothing used by laboratory or clean room staff must be clean and bacteria-free.

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Our range of machines is designed to meet the requirements of healthcare establishments, clinics, laboratories and clean rooms.

The benefits of an integrated laundry are manifold:

  • Impeccable hygiene of linen and work clothes (RABC compliance)
  • A significant reduction in your laundry maintenance operating costs.
  • More peace of mind: Control of the entire chain (quality, hygiene, risk of spreading infections), absence of subcontracting and external logistics.
  • Employees reassured thanks to a managed washing process

Primus, the best partner you could choose:

  • The widest range of barrier washers in the sector: from 18 kg to 180 kg
  • Complies with RABC standards
  • Machines are designed for intensive use, with an intended lifespan of more than 2 decades.
  • An expert visits your site to make recommendations and track your project from A to Z
  • A team dedicated to setting up your laundry
  • Machines designed to increase your production and reduce your water and electricity consumption.


1 – Storage in dirty zone

2 – Sorting by wash program – Use of indicator lights

3 – Washing of items

4 – Decontamination chamber – Staff and cart

5 – Drying of items

6 – Drying and ironing

7 – Finishing and ironing

8 – Folding items – Reading and sorting of items – Use of illuminated lockers

9 – Storage of carts before shipment

10 – Delivery departure

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Health and Hygiene
The advantages of an integrated laundry in a hospital, a clinic, a laboratory, a clean room or a veterinary clinic.

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