Nautical and maritime sector

You need full autonomy while at sea (military vessel, yacht, cruise liner), so it makes sense to consider space-saving professional laundry facilities.

There is nothing better than an onboard laundry to meet the washing needs of your crew and/or cruise company.

An onboard laundry is vital for vessels that are at sea for long periods. Whether in the military sector or for tourist cruises, the laundry must be in proportion to the vessel’s size, efficient, and reliable because once you set sail, you are on your own, and your equipment is really put to the test (salt air, rolling, pitching etc.). In addition, machines must be easy to repair and spare parts simple to replace.

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As you well know, onboard these ships every square meter counts, so you have to consider the size and ergonomics of the machines. In addition, you must be able to wash all types of laundry: uniforms, bed sheets, duvets, curtains, sponges, towels, and so on. Each type of fabric requires specific attention as well as a specific washing/drying program.

On a smaller scale, yachts must have top-notch onboard service, worthy of a luxury hotel since customers are demanding. Bed linen and bath towels must be clean and comfortable. Primus makes this a reality.


Primus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washer-extractors, dryers, and dryer-ironers for the maritime sector. Primus equipment is designed to be environmentally friendly, to provide solutions tailor-made for your sector and its very specific constraints! When you choose Primus, you choose performance and recognized expertise in industrial washing machines and laundry equipment.

We are references in the maritime sector, as evidenced by our equipping of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier since its launch, along with many cruise companies.

Our design office is able to scale up the number of machines required, to set them up on a plan to achieve the best layout, and to comply with the electrical power schematics. Primus is a brand of Alliance Laundry Systems, and is ever-present around the world. This means we will be there to help you every time you dock, regardless of location.

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