Residential laundry and provision

Offer your residents an additional service with low investment on your part.

Whether you are a promoter or an owner, a shared laundry only has upsides for your investment

washit-mobile-smallBeyond making profitable investments, the green economy can be a major component of your business. When you invest in certified Low Consumption Buildings or Apartments, or those that comply with RT2012 thermal regulations, this may include additional services. A shared laundry can be one of the services offered that meets both ecological and economic criteria.

The image you project promotes sharing and the pooling of equipment, with several advantages:

  • Energy savings => enhanced resources
  • Space savings in housing => Lower apartment prices per sq.m
  • Service and maintenance contract for machines
  • Sharing economy => indicator of trust and a well-thought-out joint project
  • Investing in the green economy => secures the value of the property.

Need advice?

A self-service laundromat gives you peace of mind and saves time on a daily basis.

As a rental accommodation manager, (university residence, social housing, short-term rental, apartment hotels) owning a laundry fitted with Primus equipment has many advantages for you:

  • No more tokens, cash, or searching for change => Easier daily management
  • Payment possible by smartphone => No need for an employee on site
  • If a machine error occurs, remote help is on hand => No need to travel
  • Encourages tenants to meet => promotes social and intergenerational links
  • Primus machines => Tougher machines designed for laundromats

Tenants in your managed housing:

  • Have secure laundry facilities available 24/7,
  • Provide a service without having to leave the residence,
  • No need to personally invest in a washing machine or dryer,
  • Professional machine ==> superior washing and drying in both quantity and quality.


The machines are subject to intensive use with different programs, and different detergents for each use, so it’s essential to have professional machines. Primus machines guarantee peace of mind, reliability, a network of distributors and repairers close at hand.

The machine setup is suitable for buildings, student residences, social housing, and apartment hotels that wish to offer an additional service without having to bear the cost of investment or maintenance. The Primus distributor provides equipment and your local distributor will take care of maintaining the machines, sparing you any unpleasant surprises.

The integrated rental solution proposed by the manufacturer from 2 to 7 years, gives you the opportunity to spread your payments, to manage your cash flow, and to track your monthly costs. Primus is based on 3 core values to meet your expectations: innovation, ergonomics, and ecology.

A major benefit for managers and tenants is the I-Trace application

Thanks to the mobile app developed by Primus, you can track your daily turnover, the status of your machines, make promotional offers outside peak times, as well as many other options.

You can enhance your customers’ comfort: availability of machines, end-of-cycle alert, or even quick and easy payment. What’s more, you provide an economical, secure service.




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