Riding stable

Use large capacity machines that are resistant to animal hair.

Ensure cleaning that is tailored to your textiles without damaging the machine.

It is never easy to wash items such as blankets, saddle pads and other textiles.

After several hours of exercise the equipment is soaked, full of dirt (dust, mud etc.), strong odors, horsehair and mane hair; without regular washing, your equipment will be damaged and encrusted with stains.

Even your horses are none too pleased when faced with very dirty or poorly washed textiles. You need professional equipment, and your animals’ well-being is paramount.

If you wash them regularly using a domestic machine, the results will fall short of your expectations, the machine will be damaged in a very short tim

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The professional solution to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of garments and equipment in equestrian centers.

The leading manufacturer of washer-extractors, and rotary dryers for equestrian centers. Primus products are designed to be environmentally friendly and provide tailor-made solutions

Is your priority to ensure hygienic, flexible, effective washing? Do you want to wash large, dirty and heavily-soiled items? Our team of experts will help you choose a tailor-made solution for cleaning your textiles.

Take a look at the range of washers and dryers to suit you below.

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