Self-service laundromats

A self-service laundromat is a profitable business that doesn’t need to take up all your time.

A laundromat is a secure, profitable investment

The decision to invest in one or more laundromats is an extremely relevant one. If the location is right, any investor will convince you to create your own. Investing in a business that generates daily profit with little maintenance and no staff really is a godsend!

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You don’t need any qualifications or even training to set up or manage a laundromat. Having some basic management skills and an eye for business is a plus. The advantage of investing in a laundromat is that you can combine your current job with managing your laundromat(s). Ideally, it will be close to your work or home, so you just have to make a quick stop to open and close it, and check that everything is in its place.



Primus professional laundry equipment is designed to stand the test of time and to function perfectly. What’s more, the switch to Primus digital technology lets you make the most of a connected solution to managing your business. Our innovations help enhance your business performance.  The machines are also uniquely quiet, making them ideal in residential buildings.

We develop the optimum laundry solutions to help protect your investment. Our machines are tough and reliable, built with the highest quality components, and comprehensively tested before sale.

  • Ease of use => customer loyalty, better performance
  • Short cycles => machines available more quickly, increased number of cycles possible per day
  • Optimized consumption => reduced overheads and enhanced efficiency
  • Quiet machines => more peaceful waiting time, enhanced customer loyalty
  • Long-lasting, reliable equipment => more uptime, fewer costs
  • Stylish design => easy-to-read touchscreen

We appreciate the financial and environmental implications of energy and resource consumption. We offer industry-leading energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, and optimized capacity in minimum physical space. Our extensive capacity range and innovative patented technologies make Primus the clear choice to maximize your return on investment and grant you peace of mind.


Thanks to the mobile app developed by Primus, you can monitor your daily turnover, track the status of your machines, make promotional offers outside peak times, as well as many other options.

You can enhance your customers’ comfort: availability of machines, end-of-cycle alert, or even quick and easy payment.


Mobile and digital apps offer user-friendly services and more possibilities for the remote management of your laundry business. Primus’ latest control, XControl FLEX platform, features an enhanced customer experience and brand-new functionalities for connectivity and data accessibility available anywhere, everywhere, in the cloud.

Discover the groundbreaking and future-proof features of the new touch control platform

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Health and Hygiene
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Self-service laundromats
A self-service laundromat is a profitable business that doesn’t need to take up all your time.

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