Softwash professional water cleaning, dry cleaning

Do you have special requirements when washing quality, fragile or protective clothing?

You wash clothes featuring precious materials or technical work clothes on a daily basis.

Cleaning delicate materials, such as silk, suede, wool, cashmere and so on can be a real headache when it comes to preserving, reviving, cleaning, or removing stains from these textile types. You need a cleaning process that respects the textile, and does not damage it.Water-based cleaning with SoftWash® Xtreme Care, and its Shower-Jet™ action lets you easily rise to these various challenges.
Safety or protective clothing is created to protect you from external dangers (fires, shocks, falling, night-time, etc.). As such, it is vital to ensure that the cleaning process preserves the garment’s primary function.Such garments also often require deep cleaning. This specific cleaning process can be achieved thanks to our SoftWash® Xtreme Care solution.

SoftWash® Xtreme Care offers many benefits

We have created the innovative SoftWash® Xtreme Care solution, an innovative water-based cleaning system based on hydraulic action. A Shower-Jet™ recirculation pump draws water from the bottom of the drum and recirculates it by pumping it upwards.

In contrast to standard water cleaning, no mechanical action is required, and garments are evenly coated with protective detergents. These detergents provide enhanced garment protection against damage, ensuring they stay safe during the drying process, and they do not fade.

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Take a moment to imagine a solution where your dry-cleaning no longer uses solvents and costly chemicals during your cleaning process. The type and number of fabrics you could clean, including delicates, would increase. You would work the same way as before, but more efficiently. Most importantly, as your water and electricity consumption fall, your business would be more profitable. This is how you would be able to work.

Say farewell to solvents, goodbye to health risks and arrivederci to the extraction costs for these products. Thanks to SoftWash® water cleaning, you need no longer handle dangerous products. You project an eco-cleaning image that protects your customers’ textiles and you avoid atmospheric and aquatic pollution since the solution uses only water and biodegradable detergents.

The cycle times for water-based cleaning are shorter than those of other systems – using a separate washer and dryer system allows two cycles to be carried out simultaneously, thus saving time. Water-based cleaning companies that have switched to SoftWash® Xtreme Care report significant time savings in their stain removal process.

You can expect a drastic reduction in your cleaning times of up to 24 minutes. The high load capacities – 60% for wool and 75% for blended fibers – also ensure a high level of productivity. You will make real savings for your business of up to 30% in lower costs compared to using traditional dry cleaning equipment.

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