Financial Services

Why Alliance Laundry Financial Services?

Backed by the No.1 in commercial laundry, Alliance Laundry Systems, Alliance Laundry Systems Financial Services (ALF) provides specific solutions for the commercial laundry industry.

Whether you are getting started with a new laundromat, an On-Premises laundry or replacing/upgrading existing equipment, our knowledgeable finance professionals are here to support you and prepare you for success.

  • You will be working with Industry Experts, you will never have to explain commercial laundry business to bank/ leasing company again!
  • You will receive a quick response to your application.
  • Our dedicated financial team of laundry experts will create a customised solution to match your budget needs.
  • ALF does not work with banks or financial institutions. We are completely independent to provide the best solution for you.
  • As Alliance Laundry Systems, we are positioned to provide an integrated solution, between manufacture, distributor and yourself.

What are the benefits for you?

  • No deposit required by ALF.
  • No large capital outflow to purchase the equipment and ancillaries – enables you to save your cash for other uses
  • Fixed monthly payment for the entire lease or lease financing period – makes budgeting simple.
  • No VAT pre-financing required (under the reverse charge provisions) on the monthly lease payment*
  • The VAT to purchase the equipment is not paid upfront*
  • Tax benefits tax allowances/deductions*
  • Bargain purchase option to acquire the equipment at the end of the financing lease period*
  • Preserving your existing credit lines with your bank.

What you should know

  • There is no limit on the minimum or maximum transaction amount
  • Contract period for 24-84 months*
  • Fixed monthly lease amount paid via SEPA direct debit
  • Businesses less than 1 year in operation can also apply

How does it work?

  • Your distributor will prepare a proposal for you using our online tool.
  • Your distributor will run an initial screening to let you know whether you are eligible for Lease.
  • If so, your distributor will then submit the application to ALF.
  • ALF will review the application and decided on the final credit approval.
  • If approved, your order will be financed.

Alliance Laundry Systems Financial Services prepares you for success

To learn more about our leasing solution, or to apply for a lease, please send an email to or contact your local distributor sales person directly.

Program is available in the following countries

Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

*subject to the jurisdiction of the transaction